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The CPE events on offer continue to grow.  Our recognised teaching members and qualified non members who are experts in their fields, continue to provide quality Continuing Education Opportunities for you.

If you have a passion for sharing your expertise and knowledge with other therapists and have some workshops or short courses developed in areas of ethical practice, business, communications, marketing, advertising or 'how to treat' conditions then please contact the Office (office@maa.org.au) to find out how you can be recognised for delivery of CPE to MAA Members.


In Touch Newsletters

Out 1/4 Newsletter has become far to expensive to produce on a regular basis.

Member reminder notices, CPE opportunities, Health Fund information updates and other Industry news will now be sent via 'eBlasts' monthly.

Old copies from 2009 to March 2016 are available to download.

Download your copy now!


New information for ARHG provider of services

Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG) has updated its information relevant to what you need to become a provider of services. The information includes: funds covered by ARHG, qualifications required, provider number and definition of modalities. View the details here.


Important Notice:

Unknown Received Payments

Oooops...what's happened here!!!

Our Office Staff, although wonderful and amazingly astute, still do not as yet possess magical abilities to determine where individual payments into the MAA Bank Account come from when they are not referenced. We kindly ask all members and potential members making payments for their Memberships to please reference the payment with either their name and/or Member Number and send a notice or the payment Receipt to office@maa.org.au.


The quicker we can determine where the payment came from, the quicker you can begin or continue your journey to success as a MAA Member.



MAA Secretary -04/01/2017


Member Renewal Invitation

Your membership of the MAA may now be due to be renewed and if so you benefit from your continued membership of one of the longest established massage industry associations in Australia.  Having been established for almost 40 years, the MAA is committed to helping you to be a successful professional therapist by developing a very competitive package of benefits including:

  • CREDIBILITY of belonging to one of the longest established associations;
  • LOWER FEES for Renewal by focussing on practitioner essentials;
  • FIND A PRACTITIONER service for your potential clients.

The MAA Board and Office is committed to you, and we look forward to supporting you in your massage journey and welcoming you by Invitation as a continuing member in 2018.

NOTE:  Late Renewal is no longer accepted.  Members who have been invited to renew for the next 12 months and fail to do so withing 30 days may be invited to REJOIN at the higher 2017/2018 Joining Fee.  Please consider the financial advantages of RENEWING on time.

Memberships: 04/01/2017


Update to Medibank's Requirements for Recognised Providers 

Medibank has updated its Requirements for Recognised Providers. The particular amendments relate to facilities, privacy, average services and fair and reasonable charges. These requirements are effective from 25 March 2015. It is very important that you familarise yourself with the amended Requirements for Recognised Providers. We also suggest that you share this information with colleagues, supervisors, managers and owners of workplaces so they are aware of your responsibilities. 

Provider Number Issuing Update 

Medibank are improving the processes for issuing provider numbers. If you have reached the stage of meeting the required “Education Criteria” (12 months full time training with supervised clinical practice or 18 months part time training with supervised clinical practice) and have been placed on the monthly “Medibank Changes Report”, Medibank will send your Provider Number letter to the Office and then the Office will let you know and they will send the Medibank Number to you via email and / or post.  Make sure you keep this number safe and use it wisely. They are difficult to get and easy to lose. There is no “fast tracking” or “jumping the que”. Each member is treated as an individual.  When the Office request the member to send in certain information it is to assist you achieve recognition.  Please make sure you send in the requested information quickly so your case can be completed.  Patience and quiet determination to achieve your goal is required and attention to the information requested usually brings good results. Please refresh yourself with the MAA Medibank Private commitment requirements to meet the full criteria. 





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